Let's create your playbook, step-by-step process to take things off Your Load

Jayne torres

Steven is the perfect combination of a really good "Life/Biz" coach and financial wizard. 

There's strength in numbers. By working with me you'll have a clearer picture of your business and financial health.  Here is how I can help you:

Big Idea 1-on-1 Coaching

Do you need to create the roadmaps, strategies, workflows to achieve more influence, more income, and more impact?

✅   I will help grow your online business 

✅   Work with you to create the roadmaps and strategies to make or increase profits

✅   Help you implement the strategies    

✅   Assist with optimizing your brand

✅   Facilitate your messaging and content

✅   Be your accountability partner

✅   Help you innovate while I integrate

Big Idea Tech Stack Integration

You know the online space is filled with software and tools that apparently magically make things work.  Do you have the time to evaluate which tools to use and how to integrate them?

Work with me and I'll automate the tech, software, and tools you need for your business to thrive. 

Decrease costs, reduce working hours, increase productivity, profits, and freedom.

Need help setting up:

✅    Digital courses and products

✅    Setting up your financials

✅   Designing your tech workflows

✅   Managing, integrating and implementing you tech stack

Big Idea Finance Support

You need to consider the demands of your Biz and your Big Ideas.

I can be the partner you need to get started as a company of one or scale the resources you have.

I can build and automate your operations and finance from the ground up so your online presence makes an impact and generates a profit.

✅    Implement and evaluate your Biz operations and financials

✅    Build the metrics for your business performance

✅    Evaluate and implement processes, workflows, and automations

✅    Qualitative and Quantitative data analysis

5 reasons to Work with me

  1.  I have spent 19+ years working in Operations and Finance learning the nuts and bolts of businesses. I am a numbers and biz guy, BUT I truly enjoy working with awesome creators such as yourself exponentially more than having a big corner office.
  2. I'm motivated by seeing results helping creators and online businesses reach more customers, impact more lives, and make a bigger difference. You matter and I enjoy to see you thrive.
  3. I do not just work with anybody. Just like you'll evaluate me, I choose who I work with as well. Quality of Quantity.
  4. Your ultimate satisfaction with the results of our project(s) is how I measure the quality of my work.
  5. I know business, but I don't know everything. Expect clarity, transparency, communication, and thoroughness. If I don't know it, count on me learning it on my dime.

Why They Recommend me


Non-Profit & Online Creator

 When I started working with Steven I had lots of ideas, but I knew I needed a plan and assistance with execution. Steven is a numbers guy and is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. It was critical for me to have a written plan of action in place for my goals to avoid getting "stuck" and Steven helped me get organized. There are so many decisions that need to be made when it comes to planning and Steven helped keep me motivated and away from "analysis paralysis."


Biz Owner LATCH Collective

From the day I met him, Steven has been a constant source of enthusiasm and inspiration, but the amount of knowledge he has about budgeting, planning and costs blew me away.  He speaks from experience and is an incredible resource.

What you can expect from our Playbook assessment consult:



A scheduled time is automatically saved on my calendar per the booking platform. I review the pre-notes and prep for our session so I am fully focused and ready to provide value. I'll send you a confirmation reminder before our scheuled session.


During our Consult

We hop on a virtual call, assess your challenges and jump right in to create your playbook to alleviate those challenges.  At the end of our session, the playbook is yours to keep. If it seems like we're a good fit and you'd like to work with me to implement the playbook, I'll tell you how we'll get started. My motto is "Simple is Best" and that is what we'll aim for.


After our Consult

If we decide we are a good fit for eachother, we'll share the specifics of my offer and get crystal clear on expectations, deliverables, etc. We'll review any questions you may have and I get working on our project. How does that sound?

Think of me as your CFO & COO, for a boat load less money 🤯 than those big companies pay. 

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Do This...